"Achieve Greatness Series"

This Includes:

  • Access to my #AchieveGreatness private group coaching program

  • My #AchieveGreatnessMindset trainings

  • My Unique #VVV Virtual Visual Vibe

  • Two for the price of one: Your business partner can attend at no charge

  • Weekly LIVE 1 hour coaching sessions with me

  • Weekly LIVE 2 hour group coaching Q&A sessions with me

  • Weekly LIVE #BusinessSpotLight Group Brainstorming Sessions: Where other business owners will give you additional feedback to grow your business.

  • Templates for marketing and growth strategies

  • Scripts for interviewing customers and talking to private money lenders and banks

  • Direct access to me for 6 weeks including all of my business, branding, and marketing knowledge

  • My enthusiastic and fun loving personality to push you through any business struggles

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After several months of testing, the course has been perfected.


The Essence Of Your Brand - Your brand essence is a huge part of your business. It shows the world who you are and how you communicate to them through colors, pictures, text, videos, emails, customer engagement, and more. By the end of this course, you will have learn my step-by-step system for developing your Brand and the positive and negative impact it can have on your sells, customers, or product.


How to Create A Business Plan That Will Help You Raise Capital - Banks and private money lenders are in the business of making money. If they are going to lend to someone, they want to know that their going to get a return back on their investment or collect interest on a loan. The best way for them to do that is by viewing a “Credibility Packet” or the business plan of the business who is requesting money. By the end this course, you will have created a sound business plan which will yield a marketing and strategic business plan that will give you leverage when presenting to banks or private money lenders.


Identify Robust Business Partners - Two or more is not always merrier, but it can be if you know how to identify your robust business partner. In this part, we will set personality profiles which will not only give you an understanding of yourself, but be able to identify how you and a potential business partner will work or not work well together. Remember, just because your great as friends, doesn’t mean you all will make great business partners.


How To Identify Your Perfect Customer - Sometimes business owners are so focused and excited about their product or services, that they sometimes never identify the perfect customer who wants and needs their product or service. Fortunately, by the end of this course, you will be able to identify your perfect customer and how that identification will lead to conversions for your business.


Marketing & Growth Strategies - Given that each business is unique, with the structuring of each students business plan, together we will develop a customized marketing and growth strategy that will help your business thrive. You will have marketing examples, text, templates, and will obtain graphics skills by the end of this course.


Develop Your Social Media Presence - Social media for any business is HUGE! Therefore, it’s important to establish your business presence on social sites such as Facebook and Instagram display the essence of your brand. This platform will also help us understand the importance of customer engagement and how it affects your brand and sells.


How To Automate Your Business To Save You Time And Money - By the end of this course, you will have a list of my easy to use automotive expense tracking, payment, graphics, marketing, website, email, and list building tools to help you be an effective business owner.


ADDITIONALLY: Each student, if they did not have one prior to enrolling in this course, will establish an LLC for their business. Sharita Collins, LLC will suggest they use her accredited and licensed resource to establish their entity, but are not required. Each student has the option to establish their entity how every they choose.


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