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...I Know... 

I know what it's like to be AFRAID

to start your own business


I know what it's like to feel like

you don't have the TIME to start a business

I know what it's like to feel like


More importantly, I know what it's like to REGRET never starting


I Have A Solution... 

Building Confidence is important when it comes to your business. One of the things we discussed are the steps used to BUILD CONFIDENCE in both ourselves and our business which either cancels or reduces fears associated with business ownership.


Build Confidence

Make The Time

My Master Class, provides students with several TECH, ADMINISTRATIVE, AND AUTOMATIVE TOOLS to help making the time to invest in their business, easier.


You Are Good Enough


All students will receive a STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT and MARKETING TOOLS to better understand their business and brand, which will help them feel like an authority and "good enough" to be in business.


Regret is something most of us don't want to live with. It's crippling and causes many of us to give up hope.


This is important, why?...


Because as business owners and entrepreneurs, we all have a God given ability to Achieve Greatness!

Excuse Me, But Don't Cheat Yourself Out Of  Greatness!


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What's Coming Up?

Empowered To Achieve Greatness Master Classes

Empowered To Achieve Greatness, both a movement and a series of 6 to 8 week live and pre-recorded online courses geared towards empowering aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams and God-given purpose.

"A Passion To Business Catapult (MVC 1) "


6 Weeks

January 28, 2019


"Achieve Greatness Series (MVC) 2"


6 Weeks

April 15, 2019

"Go And Grow Your Business"

8 Weeks

June 17, 2019


Yup...You Found Me!


Meet Your Achieve Greatness Coach

Sharita Collins

Within the last seven years of owning a graphics design company, I've come across various business owners needing graphics for their startup. After having a conversation about their needs, I found that many of them did not have their business set up properly, a business plan, nor a marketing strategy. Without those things, there was NO WAY they could grow their business to it's greatness. Hence, the birth of Empowered To Achieve Greatness.

More About Me!


I've been married a little over 10 years to an amazing husband and friend. We've faced numerous challenges including a 4 year long struggle of not being able to conceive, but wouldn't you know, God blessed us with two beautiful children.

2018-08-27 10.01.35.jpg

"Married With Children"


I am a Real Estate Investor and invest with some of the greatest people in Philadelphia. The Renatus Education we receive is wonderful and ultimately empowers us to invest in real estate effectively, honesty, and with integrity.



I have been designing graphics for over 17 years and started my graphics company 7 years ago. While designing is a skill, it's not my passion, empowering people to change

their future is.

Real Estate Investor

Graphic Designer


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